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Eviction is an essential tool for landlords and property managers in impacting their responsibility to control their tenant or group of tenants. Colorado law makes this state a great place to own and manage rental property. We respect the fact that owners and managers have to regulate many activities in order to make their real estate work for them and for their clients. Removal from your rental property of those tenants who cannot or will not meet their responsibilities to you is a necessary function of your role as owner or manager. We are here to help you with that function.

Eviction is valuable to you because it is swift as compared with both other landlord remedies permitted by law and as compared with the eviction process in most other states. Eviction is persuasive because the consequence to the tenant is great and will force your needs to the top of your tenant’s priority list. Eviction is efficient because its cost is modest and it is fast.

Through the establishment of a reasonable, dependable flat fee for eviction services, Klass Law Group strives to minimize the impact of the eviction function on your bottom line. By virtue of our experience and through our respectful approach to your tenants, we seek to achieve your goal without allowing the eviction process to become time consuming or expensive.

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