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Question: A resident has passed away in my rental unit. What do I do?

Answer: First, call the police. They will bring the coroner and remove the remains. If there are pets, call Animal Control. Call any emergency contact you have for the resident. Contact a biological clean-up vendor to clean the rental of any contamination. If some other occupant or third party was given a key to the apartment, they may enter; you have no duty to prevent entry. You must give a key to any person who presents a court document giving them authority as executor or administrator of the estate. You must also give a key to a person who presents a completed “Collection of Personal Property By Affidavit Pursuant to Sec. 15-12-1201, CRS” not less than ten days after the date of death. If no one vacates the deceased’s property from the rental, you may evict and remove them under the supervision of the sheriff.

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